Keynote Address on Achieving Gender Balance in the Civil Service in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 25 September 2017

Saudi Arabia speech 25 Sept 2017Saudi Arabia 2017 Helen and team 25 September

I was pleased to participate earlier this week in a major workshop in Saudi Arabia on achieving gender balance in the civil service.

This was an initiative of the Ministry of Civil Service which is seeking to meet the expectations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan with respect to the advancement of women.

Specific targets have been set in the Vision and the Plan on increasing the participation of women in the workforce, including in the civil service, and in ensuring that the representation of women increases at the highest and most influential levels of the civil service.

In my address, I made a range of suggestions of practical actions which would help achieve gender balance, drawing on my experience as New Zealand Prime Minister and and as UNDP Administrator. A link to the speech is here: Saudi Arabia speech 25 Sept 2017

The photo shows me with the team of key people involved in supporting the workshop.

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  1. Great contributions….
    “50% Reservations for women at all levels globally” should be the global demand ….
    ……Shall bring…..
    more prosperity ….
    more positive creations…
    more tolerances….
    more bindings…
    more humanities….
    A peaceful world…

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